Tirisano-Mmogo Primary School


In our first year, the grade seven pass rate increased by 20%,We look forward to sharing the results with you going forward.


Tirisano-Mmogo Primary School, in Cosmo City (JHB) is a Quintile 1 ranked school, meaning that it is a no-fee school. Quintile 1 schools serve the poorest communities in South Africa where poverty is rife. Because of this,  the children are fed daily meals through on-site feeding schemes. This is often the only meal they have. Currently 1061 learners attend Tirisano-Mmogo Primary School, from grades 4-7. This age-group is extremely important as it is here where the kids are being prepared for high school. Research shows that there is a decline in attendance after these years, and a contributing factor is that the children are not adequately prepared for this step up.

The problem:

A major problem at the school is that it is not secured therefore it is open to frequent vandalism and the uneven terrain is a safety concern to the young learners. There is also no library, science laboratory, or computer centre meaning that the children are not being exposed to effective learning as they should. The bathrooms and classrooms are also in desperate need of renovation. Problems include broken windows, exposed wiring, broken infrastructure and a lack of learning equipment.

The solution:

As the first phase of the project, we will be installing a 24 hour security system with armed response, as well as fully renovating, developing and equipping a computer centre with 47 computers, science laboratory, library, a wing of nine gr.7 classrooms and four blocks of learners’ bathrooms.

Project Status:

The project was completed in 2015 and in the first year, the grade seven pass rate was increased by 20%.

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