About Us

Company Overview

The S.A Medical & Education Foundation is a South African NGO that undertakes high impact community development projects. The Foundation boasts a great track-record of completing over 120 projects in the last 18 years, positively influencing millions of South Africans. Our private partnerships with companies and individuals allow us to create the change that we do. The successful completion of our projects is credited to the generous support of businesses and individuals who understand the vital importance of the work that we do.

Our sole aim is to improve healthcare and educational facilities in poverty-stricken communities, where there is no short/medium term government budget for improvements. This means that, without intervention by you and the SAME Foundation, these communities won’t be able to receive the healthcare and education that they deserve.

We supply our schools, hospitals and clinics with the equipment and infrastructure they desperately need to service the large communities using the facilities. We also facilitate teacher and doctor training to improve skills. We are committed to helping our communities and firmly believe that wealth should not be a prerequisite for access to quality education and healthcare.  It is our mission to allow children in extremely poor communities the opportunity to reach their full potential.