We believe that our donors deserve recognition for their involvement in the transformations we perform.We reward all donations with a section 18A donation receipt and BEE letter of thanks making the donations Tax deductible and allows the donor to claim full BEE points under the SED category.
Your donation is used exclusively by the SAME Foundation on our projects which directly benefit the previously disadvantaged, earning you full BEE points for Socio-Economic Development.
A PBO is an organisation that meets the requirements prescribed in section 30 of the Income Tax Act (the IT Act) and which may apply for approval to the Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (the Commissioner), to enjoy the benefit of certain tax concessions.
This is a specific receipt that is issued to a donor by an organisation that has been approved by the Commissioner under section 18A of the IT Act. A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or of property made in kind is entitled to a deduction from his taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary tax-deductible receipt.

The donations received in cash or of property made in kind may only be used to carry on PBAs listed in Part II of the Ninth Schedule of the IT Act.

PBAs approved by Minister of Finance for section 18A purposes are listed in Part II (of the Ninth Schedule to the IT Act). The PBAs are limited to certain categories, the following which falls within the SAME Foundation’s mandate:

• Health Care
• Education and Development

Due to the nature of our projects, which are high-impact and occur frequently, they tend to be between a couple hundred thousand rand to a couple of million rand per project. These kinds of projects need to be funded quickly, especially when there is a life-saving component. We do multiple education projects in both our Western Cape and Gauteng office throughout the year, as well as ongoing healthcare projects. We more than welcome private donations from individuals, but we focus our efforts on Corporate Social Responsibility budgets who can fund a majority of a project’s budget.

Yes! Every last cent of your donation goes towards the project you are supporting. This is possible because we receive funding in the form of grants from the government that allows us to cover our administration and operational fees without needing a percentage from the donation. If you have further questions about this, please feel free to ask us if you have more questions.

All of our projects require monetary donations and therefore are only in need of donations in this form. We recommend that you motivate your company or business to participate in our annual Mandela Day initiative which serves as volunteering opportunity where you can give your time and energy. Your company or business will need to pay for a team from your company to attend. Alternatively, if you have skillsets, services, or products that you can donate, if you think it might be beneficial for our Foundation, contact us and we can chat. You can also follow on social media and like, comment and share our work with your social media community. Advocating for our organisation is a major way that you can help the communities we work with, and helps support us in our work by spreading the word.

For more information on how to get these benefits, please contact one of our main centres:
Western Cape:

Cape Town Johannesburg

Tel: 086 122 2379


NPO 088-199 SECTION 18A PBO 930027614