Manzomthombo Secondary School


School Background

Manzomthombo Secondary School is situated in Mfuleni, which falls part of the Khayelitsha Sub-District. The Mfuleni is a predominantly Xhosa speaking community of which about 40% are unemployed. The community has a population of about 50 000 people of which approximately 50% of them live in informal settlements. Manzomthombo is a typical township school – born out of a previously disadvantaged community, poor infrastructure setup (RDP structure), poorly trained educators and learners from a society riddled with social ills yet, against all odds, Manzomthombo Senior Secondary school rises above all in striving for quality and excellence, as stated in its motto. This is evident from the continued excellent academic performance across all grades. This school strives to offer quality teaching and learning to the High school learner population which currently stands at 1588 pupils. Although they are challenged with many difficulties, Manzomthombo has managed to deliver quality education and produce excellent results as is evident in the 2014 grade 12 NCS results where a 91.5% pass rate was obtained. Of these 91.5% passes, 51% were Bachelor and 38% were Diploma passes; both categories qualifying these learners to enter at tertiary institutions such as Universities, Colleges and Technicons. In order for the school to sustain and improve both quality and quantity, the school has to intensify the usage of available technological resources by integrating these resources into teaching and learning habits on a frequent or daily basis.

School Revitalisation Project Overview

Phase One:

The first phase of the project includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Science and Maths laboratory
    1. Completely renovate, upgrade and secure the room.
    2. Fully equip the classroom for science and maths according to the curriculum.
    3. Included is comprehensive training and monitoring of teachers.
    4. Quarterly reports will be made available to monitor the progress of the learners.
  2. Library
    1. Refurbish the library.
    2. Stock the library with appropriate books for the age groups.
  3. Computer Centre
    1. Establish a room big enough for at least 50 computers.
    2. Fully equip and network the room.
    3. Provide software as requested by the school.
    4. Ensure that the teachers are trained to use and manage the facility.
  4. Bathrooms
    1. Refurbish and upgrade (hygiene) a block of male and female learners’ bathrooms.
  5. Learner and facility safety
    1. Install a security system with beams, sirens and spot lights.
    2. The security system will include 24 hour armed response.
    3. Monthly fee after initial installation has been agreed to be taken over by the school and has been allocated to their budget.
  6. Classrooms
    1. Refurbish and upgrade classrooms with the SAME Foundation blueprint of custom-made auditorium-style seating, with a seven year guarantee.
    2. Classrooms are equipped with the latest Smartboard teaching technology with curriculum-aligned software. This package includes teacher training.
    3. 50 desks per class: Custom-made solid-core Formica top desks custom made with steel encasing, with polypropylene flip-up chairs (Most indestructible resources currently available).
    4. Fully equip classrooms as per the school’s needs and equipment wish-list.

Costing Summary (Phase One)

  • Library (Fully equipped and furnished) –         R350 000
  • Computer Centre                                             R550 000
  • Science Laboratory                                          R500 000
  • Four Bathrooms                                               R70 000 each
  • Ad-hoc Repairs and Painting                           R80 000
  • Security System                                               R45 000
  • Ten Classrooms – Smartboard Technology    R200 000 each

Total: R3 000 000 estimated. *Costing is subject to change and dependent on availability of suppliers. Costing includes all furnishings from top to bottom to create a world-class learning environment up to SAME Foundation standards.

Phase Two and beyond (long-term)

Once the priority needs of phase one are met, the Foundation will move onto phase two and continue to work with and complete the whole-school revitalisation model. Manzomthombo is our flagship education project in the Western Cape. The classroom design follows the SAME Foundation blueprint. They are auditorium-style fitted with solid-core Formica desktops set in steel with poly-propylene gravity flip-up seating and includes the latest interactive Smartboard technology with CAPS aligned software. Each classroom will be a state-of-the-art learning centre. The package includes comprehensive teacher training. Throughout 2015 and beyond The Foundation will continuing to work with management of the school to ensure that the resources are used to full potential and complete the rooms in phases. A future objective of the Foundation is to make use of existing land on the school’s property to provide the school with a sports field where they can participate in sports such as soccer and athletics. This continuous work allows for us to address needs that arise with the management and maintenance of the project on an on-going basis, as well as create a sustainable impact going forward. The timeline of these projects are dependent on the rate at which the income (donations) are received to complete the work.

To contribute towards this project you can follow one of the links to contact one a friendly representatives or make a direct payment.

The following areas have been completed with the help of our generous donors:

5 – Classrooms 

2 – Science Labs

1 – Computer room

1 – Girls Toilet



Work to be completed in the next 4 months:

2 – Science Labs

1 – Boys Toilets


Below are pictures of the work being done.


Below are pictures of the completed classrooms.