Lethabong Secondary School: Mr Muscle Science Lab

Project Background

Lethabong Secondary School is situated in the township of Shoshanguve, north Gauteng. The school is exceptionally well kept and managed, but the teachers and learners are suffering due to a lack of science resources and equipment, and it reflects in their marks. Through funding by SC Johnson, the SAME Foundation is able to expand our strategic science programme to Lethabong Secondary, and going forward will result in SC Johnson Science Laboratories being opened throughout the region, benefiting thousands of children.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the science programme are the following:
1. Increase pass rates in science
2. Increase uptake of science subjects
3. Enable the overall pass rate to be a true reflection of the children’s abilities
4. Educate children effectively in science and maths to excel going forward
5. Upskill and empower teachers

Achieving these objectives

The project is comprised of the following aspects:

1. Resources
2. Infrastructure
3. Teacher training
4. Assessment