Cape Town TV Highlights Positive Impact On Khayelitsha Hospital

On October 4th , Cape Town TV interviewed Khayelitsha Hospital staff representatives and SA Medical and Education Foundation’s CEO, Trevor Pols. The hospital services an ever increasing district, and can be stretched beyond its capacity and resources. The Khayelitsha Hospital services one of the biggest and poorest informal settlements in the country.

Following news on the high capacity and its pressures on the hospital, the SAME Foundation donated 16 stretcher beds to the facility. The beds arrived to the hospital on September 20th, 2018 to the overjoyed hospital staff.

CTV interviewed the Foundation’s CEO, the Head of the Emergency Ward, Dr. Sa’ad Lahri, and Khayelitsha Hospitals active CEO on the positive changes to the hospital from this donation. Mr. Pols also shared about the upcoming donations for Khayelitsha Hospital from the Foundation, including equipment for the Emergency Ward, and specialised beds for the Mental Health Ward.

The full interview, with Mr. Trevor Pols, Dr. Sa’ad Lahri, and Dr. Grace Mashable, can be viewed below.  Contact the Foundation if you would like to be involved with our work at the Khayelitsha Hospital.

WATCH: Cape Town TV Interview with Khayelitsha Hospital and SAME Foundation