The Education Crisis

Children in township and rural schools are suffering with a lack of skills, resources and infrastructure. This is plaguing the Education sector in South Africa, which in turn slows the growth of our nation. We are urgently addressing this crisis to ensure that in the coming years, SAME Foundation projects will produce children who have been educated to a level that allows them to reach their full potential.

Sgodiphola Secondary School

Sgodiphola High School is a quintile 1 (serving the poorest of the poor) ranked school in Cosmo-City, JHB. This is an extension of our Tirisano-Mmogo Primary School project, which is the feeder school. This means that the community is influenced from grade R through to Matric. Our Education model follows an adopt-a-community, where we focus on investing in a community rather than just one school in a community.

Due to the crisis we are experiencing in South Africa, this project focuses on Maths, Science, Computer Studies and Literacy, and is comprised of the following aspects:

1. Resources
2. Infrastructure
3. Teacher training
4. Assessment

Project Beneficiaries:

1115 Black South Africans


The objectives of the project are the following:

1. Increase uptake of science subjects
2. Increase pass rates in science and maths
3. Increase levels of literacy and computer literacy
4. Enable the overall pass rate to be a true reflection of the children’s abilities
5. Upskill and empower teachers

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