Delft Community Health Centre

SA Medical & Education Foundation handed over a fully equipped ARV Clinic to the Western Cape Health Department on Tuesday 5th October 2010.

To date the anti-retroviral and antenatal services have been delivered in one room, with overcrowding of passages and posing health risks to patients, infants and staff, and pregnant women having to travel to Bishop Lavis Midwife Obstetric Unit for births. The building will allow for better Health Care for HIV/TB patients and help stop cross contamination of diseases.

Through the mediation of the SA Medical & Education Foundation, Adcock-Ingram sponsored the R1.5 million renovation of the building. The new Adcock-Ingram HIV TB Clinic will have 12 rooms, with a waiting area for 70 patients. Supporting furniture and equipment was sponsored by Thuo-Slots, Kolok, Coca-Cola Canners, Entyce Beverages, T-Systems, Deli Spices, Authentix and Set Point.

The Delft Community Health Centre serves a rapidly growing indigent population of over 520 000 people. Monthly attendance at the clinic averages 30 000, with a growth of 500 new patients per month. 2000 patients per month receive ARV treatment of which 900 suffer from TB and this figure is increasing by 30 new cases monthly.