Manzomthombo Secondary School (2018)

Each year SAME Foundation chooses one of it’s beneficiaries as a recipient of our Mandela Day initiative, where we bring together businesses to paint as many classrooms as possible on the day. 

Our Mandela Day initiatives are always part of our larger high-impact project. At Manzomthombo Secondary School we have established 4 state-of-the-art Science Labs, 5 Math classrooms, a new Computer room, refurbished Library and 2 refurbished learner’s lavatories. These improvements have had such a positive result on their grades that we would like to continue assisting them by refurbishing a few more of their classrooms for Mandela Day. Contributing towards our Mandela Day cause helps significantly with overall impact at the school. 

Manzomthombo Secondary School

Cape Town Johannesburg

Tel: 086 122 2379


NPO 088-199 SECTION 18A PBO 930027614