Tembisa Hospital (Completed, 2017)

Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital is situated in Tembisa, Gauteng. The immediate communities that the hospital serves are Midrand and Diepsloot, but it is also a referral hospital to 20 clinics in the greater region spanning three municipalities. As a tertiary hospital, the facility is used to train our future doctors and nurses. Annually the hospital sees over 280 000 patients, with more than 60 000 going through the casualty unit. Approximately 13 000 surgical out-patients are treated here every year.

The space used for wound care was too small, and resulted in infectious and non-infectious patients sitting and being treated in the same room. This caused cross infection and was extremely traumatic for the children who were treated here. Statistics showed that the spreading of diseases was increasing, and that critical factor was entirely preventable with a proper, well-equipped Surgical Wound Care Unit.

The SAME Foundation, in 2017, was able to establish a brand new OPD Surgical Wound Care Clinic on site through extensive renovations and provided necessary equipment. The new unit was divided into a paediatric unit, an infectious wound care unit, and a non-infectious wound care unit.

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