Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High School Receives Science Laboratory From Philip Morris South Africa After New Computer Centre from BT South Africa With SAME Foundation

The rural high school in Umbumbulu, Sibusisiwe Comp Tech High School, is well known around their area for being a school with high achievements and an extremely hard work ethic. This high school has learners flocking from around the area with parents who wait in long lines in hopes of having their children admitted into this school. Sibusisiwe specializes in technology and science, and their Principal explained to us that to accomplish their level of achievements, the school stays open every day and many students and teachers stay long after school hours to keep working. This has won them the title of the “7-day school”. With their reputation preceding them, BT South Africa heard about the school and after visiting, decided to sponsor a new computer centre after the learners made their need known. This is when our Foundation came into the picture.

What We Found

Once SAME Foundation completed the new computer centre with BT at Sibusisiwe Comp Tech High School, we interviewed a few learners, teachers, and the Principal of the school about the completed project. A repeated concern was made for the state of their science classroom as they are a specialized school but did not have the facilities to properly teach these subjects. Although the school did not have the resources and facilities, their hard work, diligence, persistence, and commitment produced incredible results. It was after these conversations that our Foundation partnered with Philip Morris South Africa to complete a new science laboratory at the same school.

For us, science is family, science is fun and science helps change lives for the better. Education is one of the important sectors for the socio-economic development of this country and we are passionate through our projects to contribute to the future … izingane zethu ikusasa lethu (our children are our future). I would like to express my gratitude to the SAME Foundation for their dedication, the Principal and his staff for their cooperation. I also hope sincerely that this new science lab will be well used and maintained and that the students will learn and grow up with happiness and contribute to society by solving the many ‘Why’s that are waiting to be discovered.”

What We Did

Our Foundation partnered with Philip Morris South Africa mid-2019 and started the renovations of the classroom shortly after. Once the renovation work was complete, we filled the classroom with science equipment for physics, chemistry, and other science subjects for the grade nine to matric classes. The completed classroom included a smartboard with interactive technology using a new projector.

The smartboard comes with easy to use pointers or pen-like tools that are sensitive to the board to make instructing and use easier.

Along with the interactive technology, SAME Foundation’s completed science laboratories come with science equipment for hands-on experiments. This equipment also comes with training for the school’s teachers to ensure that the resources are sustainable and blend seamlessly with the interactive technology of the classroom.

Upon completion of the classroom, our Foundation officially opened the new laboratory with an intimate celebration including guests from the area, school representatives, a Philip Morris South Africa representative, and other honoured guests and media. This celebration marked the official handing over of the lab and its resources to the school. The new science laboratory will start empowering the learners of Sibusisiwe Comp Tech High School in the 2020 school year.

As Sibusisiwe we understand that since SAME works with schools across South Africa, your mission is to allow children In extremely poor communities the opportunity to reach their full potential. You’ve shown us how much you believe we can make it to success. In appreciation, we want to show you that you made no mistake with trusting us with the science lab, and with its help, we promise nothing but the best academic results. SAME foundation and PMI have taught Sibusisiwe learners how much of a long way education goes and no matter the struggles, there’s always someone who sees the potential and offer a helping hand. Personally, the SAME foundation encouraged me to grow into a better woman, to change the world for better and to bring hope in eyes of the children of the world for a better tomorrow, like you did to us. – Banele Mbili, Head Girl at Sibusisiwe Comp Tech High School

The Result

The learners of Sibusisiwe Comp Tech High School will not only be impacted by their new computer centre, but the new science laboratory will also be essential in equipping the community’s children in STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). With the schools’ excellence in academics and their impressive achievers, the new infrastructure and resources are an exciting addition to the school. As the Head Girl of Grade 11, Banele Mbili, put it: “You have not just improved our facilities, but have provided  us with necessary learning equipment, you’ve given us an opportunity to be more practical as experimenting what we learn in class physically prospers a young child’s mind and contribute  to excellent results. You’ve also created enthusiasm to reluctant learners and invited them to join the science stream as learning is about to become even more fun and easier”.

Our Foundation is hoping to partner with Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High School once again, but in the meantime, we are looking forward to watching the even greater successes from this school and their learners.

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