Giving Young Learners An Opportunity For Science Exposure In A Township Community

What We Found

The Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School is another esteemed school in Khayelitsha. For their district, this primary school has received nine awards for their achievements. Despite their many challenges to bring understanding and success for their learners, the teachers and leadership at the Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School have overcome and produced excellent results. Not only does this primary school reach an academic standard, but the school is also filled with respect and incredible culture. The leadership, from Principal Mtimba-Dube, made this school an excellent candidate for one of our projects. With her leadership, the school aims to create future scientists starting from a young age but they faced a major obstacle as they did not have the facilities to teach science practically. The Department of Education for the Western Cape approached our Foundation to complete a new science laboratory for Ludwe Ngamlana.

What We Did

In line with our focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Maths) Education, our Foundation began a partnership with Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School to complete a new science laboratory. To accommodate their high number of learners, we worked with the school to provide a facility for 50 learners per class. The new laboratory was custom fit with laboratory desks, a teachers station, interactive equipment (projector, smartboard with a speaker, and whiteboard), stools, and a storage room filled with science equipment for experiments.

Thanks to our generous donor companies, the new laboratory was officially opened in December 2019. Our Foundation celebrated this opening event with special guests, including company representatives, the media, school guests, school representatives, and representatives from the Western Cape Education Department.

The Result

In providing the proper facilities for these young learners to experience science and be taught experientially, the hopes of Ludwe Ngamlana to produce future scientists for South Africa will be brought to fruition. Our Foundation is hoping to see an increase in the rate of attendance, retention of information resulting in higher pass rates and grades, and an increase of interest in STEM subjects during primary school resulting in a growing interest in STEM subjects into secondary school. We are hoping to create future scientists with Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School, and are excited to hear the feedback from the school in the years to follow.