The Odidini Clinic is a primary health care facility, located in the Umbumbulu District of the Kwazulu-Natal Department of Health. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services to people in the Odidini, Embo, Thoyane, KwaMakhanya, KwaMahleka, Itshehlope, Ndumezulu and surrounding communities. The extensive list of services provided by the clinic include, Casualty, Maternity, Ante and Post Natal and Infectious Disease treatment (TB + HIV). Odidini Clinic sees an average of 4000 patients each month and has a 7% increase in patients annually.

The Problem:

This clinic was built in the 1980’s for a far smaller community than it currently serves, this not only means that it can’t cope with the current patient load, but it also means that it was not built with adequate ventilation to prevent cross infection of TB and other airborne infectious diseases. The lack of usable furniture and medical equipment is at such an extreme that nurses are bringing furniture from their homes in order to continue providing health services from this Clinic. This facility serves a population of over 21000 people of which 100% are uninsured. The Odidini Clinic is in serious need of renovation and an upgrade to the existing building. It also needs to be fully equipped with furnishings and medical equipment to allow the dedicated nurses to continue providing these patients with much needed healthcare.

The Solution:

We were approached by the Kwazulu-Natal Department of Health to assist with this emergency project and have taken it upon ourselves to complete this task in the shortest possible time. The total cost for the renovation and construction work amounts to R2.5 million. The new furniture and medical equipment needed to ensure that the facility is fully equipped amounts to R2 million. This brings the total costs of this project to R4.5 million. With your help and partnership we hope to reach this total within the next 7 months.

To achieve this target, we have devised 4 donation levels and are appealing to companies to partner with us by considering one of the suggested donor packages.

Diamond:         R 250 000 +    (Branding)
Platinum:         R 50 000
Gold:                 R 20 000
Silver:               R 10 000

If the suggested levels are too high for your company, smaller donations will be greatly appreciated.

To contribute towards this project you can follow one of the links to contact one a friendly representatives or make a direct payment.


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