Mosupatsela Secondary School (Completed, 2024)

The Project: 

School Furniture The state of schools’ lack of furniture in disadvantaged areas is well reported in the media every year. Many schools are lacking the most basic necessities such as desks and chairs. Children are catered for on a first-come, first-served basis with desks and chairs, this leaves many children needing to share seats or try and learn without a seat. At the start of each year, 

SAME endeavours to assist our beneficiary schools with desks and chairs to cover the shortfall that they are experiencing. Mosupatsela Secondary School has reached out and described an urgent shortage of desks and chairs that we would like to address as soon as possible.

 Project rationale and outcome:

The shortage can be attributed to the facts that each year schools accept more learners in comparison to the previous year, the provision of new classrooms, and budget constraints for improvements and reliance on local government means that no-fee paying schools continually suffer with insufficient furniture for the number of learners enrolled. This project fulfils the most basic need of each learner having a desk and chair at school, thus creating the start of a learning conducive environment

Before and After: Desks and Chairs

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