Groenheuwel Primary School (Completed)


 One of our current projects is Groenheuwel Primary School situated in the Paarl winelands,
which is a predominantly coloured Afrikaans speaking community consisting of around 12 000 people. 

The community has an unemployment rate of around 45%. Groenheuwel Primary School is a typical township school – born out of a previously disadvantaged community, poor infrastructure setup (RDP structure), learners from a society riddled with social ills yet, against all odds, Groenheuwel Primary School rises above all in striving for quality and excellence. This is evident from the continued excellent academic performance across all grades. This school strives to offer quality teaching and learning to the primary school learner population which currently stands at 1235 pupils. Although they are challenged with many difficulties, Groenheuwel Primary School has managed to deliver quality education and produce excellent results as is evident by looking at the past 3 years pass rates which averages 96%. In order for the school to sustain and improve both quality and quantity, the school has to intensify the usage of available technological resources by integrating these resources into teaching and learning habits on a frequent or daily basis.

School Revitalisation Project Overview 

The proposed work includes, but is not limited to the following: 1. Computer Lab a. Establish a room big enough for at least 30 Learners. b. Provide equipment and resources as per the syllabus. c. Ensure that the teachers are trained to use and manage the facility. 


Groenheuwel Primary School: Before

Cape Town Johannesburg

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