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Kalafong Hospital

SA Medical & Education Foundation (SAME Foundation) is a NPO based in both the Western Cape and Gauteng. Our sole mandate is to create equal Health Care no matter what your station in life. We do this by supplying our Hospitals & Clinics with the equipment and infrastructure they so desperately need in order to treat the communities using our State facilities.

We are committed to helping our communities, wealth and/or medical aid should not be a prerequisite for good health care. The clinics and hospitals we work with are responsible for the health of over 85% of the population of our country. Poverty and illness is rife and mortality rates are too high, hence child headed households and the loss of bread winners in a family.

Kalafong Hospital is a tertiary hospital situated in Attridgeville and services an estimated 2 million people. The hospital was built in March 1973 to service the large black population. Today, with the massive proliferation of informal settlements in our catchment area together with the change in disease profile mainly to the burden of HIV/AIDS has resulted in increased patient load. Key health problems include HIV/AIDS, TB, chronic non communicable disease, trauma and violence.

A major problem with the Hospital is the ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY UNIT which is too small to handle the patient load. (They have had a 34% increase in patients over the last 10 years). The unit sees over 4000 patients a month and around 300 of these patients have to be resuscitated. Our Doctors have a very short time to stabilize and save a patient but without the correct medical equipment this is impossible.

KALAFONG is also a tertiary hospital. This is where we are training our future doctors but again without the equipment it is impossible to give them the training they should be getting.


With the amount of patients going through casualty we will be looking at infrastructure and equipment, turning the unit into a fully equipped resuscitation area with 8 beds for adults and an additional 4 beds for paediatrics. There will be a further 29 beds for further disciplines including, consulting, gynaecology and the stitch area. At the moment the unit is a 4 bed resuscitation area of which the babies and children only have 1 bed. There are a further 11 beds in the unit for various disciplines. This is detrimental to the patient’s life. A lack of medical equipment, both diagnostic and monitoring is also hindering their well-being. With nearly 2500 serious MVA’s going through the unit annually it is imperative to have the equipment to diagnose and monitor the patient quickly, thus being able to save their lives or prevent further serious injury to the patient.

Critical equipment: Complete unit costs:

Triage: R85,171.39
Resuscitation: R2,433,534.77
Paediatric: R631,550.88
Gynaecology: R182,161.65

Please refer to the quote to donate to individual equipment that ranges from R715 – R140,000.00

We need the participation of companies and the community to partner with us in making this critical vision possible by donating towards the R6.5 million cost for life saving medical equipment and/or infrastructure changes needed. The administration costs of the Foundation are covered by our VAT returns. All donations are tax deductible and a section 18a receipt will be issued. BEE points will also be earned.

We wish to start this project beginning end August 2013 with completion end November 2013. It is imperative the unit is equipped before the festive season begins as our patient load increases dramatically over this period.

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