Isikhwelo Primary School (Completed, 2022)

Isikhwelo Senior Primary School is situated in Umlazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and in April 2022 was severely affected by the floods that hit the province.

Due to many schools being affected by the floods, the Department of Basic Education asked us to help assist them with renovating and refurbishing some of the most damaged schools.

Thank you to our donors, we were able to replace theasbestos roofing at the school with IBR, repaired all the broken and damaged windows and doors, Installed new ceiling lights in all the classrooms, as well as painted and installed new whiteboards and pinboards in all the classrooms.

Cape Town Johannesburg

Tel: 086 122 2379


NPO 088-199 SECTION 18A PBO 930027614