BT Telecommunications: Introducing robotics and programming into South African schools

In August 2022, the SAME Foundation partnered with British Telecommunications to host a Lego competition in Soweto, inviting two primary schools; Boiykano Primary School and Dumezweni Primary School to take part in coding and programming their robots.


The South African government is currently piloting the Coding and Robotics Curriculum for Grades R – 3 in selected schools across the country to equip learners with the required skills for the 4th industrial revolution. Robotics, Coding, Programming and STEM subjects are the way of the future, and we need to prepare the children of today for jobs that will only exist in the future.


In the first two rounds, BT members assisted the learners and educators at the schools with familiarizing themselves with the technology and how to go about coding and building a robot before they battled it out in the final round to crown the champion.



After the competition was held. Robotics and programming have now been introduced at both schools, and the results that we have seen from the learners thus far have been phenomenal.

Robotics 1st round

Robotics Training

Final Competition

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