The Problem

Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital, is situated in Tembisa, Gauteng. The immediate communities that the hospital serves are Midrand and Diepsloot, but it is also a referral hospital to 20 clinics in the greater region spanning three municipalities. As a tertiary hospital, the facility is used to train our future doctors and nurses. Annually the hospital sees over 280 000 patients, with more than 60 000 going through the casualty unit. Approximately 13 000 surgical out-patients are treated every year.

The Problem

Tembisa hospital often runs at over capacity, a common crisis that we find at hospitals serving a large catchment area. This results in patients being discharged earlier than many should be. Home care then needs to take place, but many families are unable to cope with the appropriate wound care that is needed. The consequences of this is that wounds become more infected, which often results in the loss of limbs.
Currently the space used for wound care is too small, resulting in infectious and non-infectious patients sitting and being treated in the same room. Children are also seen in this area. This causes cross infection and is extremely traumatic for the children who are treated here. Statistics show that the spreading of diseases is increasing, and this is a critical factor that is entirely preventable with a proper, well-equipped Surgical Wound Care Unit.

The Solution

We are establishing and entirely new  OPD Surgical Wound Care Clinic. The new unit is a building formally occupied by psychiatric patients, and is no longer usable. Extensive renovation work is needed to get the unit ready for surgical wound care but once complete, it will be an exceptional area to alleviate the pressure of over-capacity and deliver exceptional healthcare to the community.

The unit will be divided into two sections:
1. A Paediatric (Children’s) Unit
2. An Adult Unit

These sections will be further split into separate areas for infectious and non-infectious wounds. This is to reduce cross-infection, where often a patient contracts a disease while being treated for another!

The new unit will be fully equipped with the latest medical technology to ensure that doctors have access to the necessary equipment to do their jobs effectively and that the facility runs optimally.

Project Status:
Infrastructure will be complete in July 2017. We are accepting donations to purchase vital medical equipment.


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