Cosmo City West Primary (Completed, 2017)

The second beneficiary of the SAME Foundation/SC Johnson Mr. Muscle science laboratory campaign was Cosmo City West Primary. This primary school initially started focused on Grade 1-3, but influx into the community and an ever-increasing demand meant that the school had to be gradually expanded to serve from grade R to 7.

The laboratory has been established to give these children from grades 4-7 access to a room that has all the resources they need to learn Maths and natural sciences effectively. This gives them a great platform in Primary School to be able to not only cope, but to do well at high school level.

In 2017, thanks to donor partners Fluor and the SABC, we completely renovated and equipped a state-of-the-art science laboratory with an e-learning system. In 2018, the Foundation successfully completed two science labs, an innovation centre, nine maths-focused classrooms, a security entrance gate upgrade, and ceiling replacements.

Cape Town Johannesburg

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