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In the Khayelitsha area of around 2 million people, Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School currently teaches 1382 pupils, of which 80 have disabilities. Despite the hard work and commitment of both the staff and learners, the school struggles to keep up with the demand on its resources. Ludwe Ngamlana focuses on its goal of building future scientists for South Africa, but they do not have the adequate facilities and resources to do so.

Our Foundation is currently seeking funding for a new fully renovated and equipped science laboratory for these primary school learners. With your help, the teachers at Ludwe Ngamlana can properly teach the next generation science with hands-on experiments and lessons.

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Kulani Secondary is in Langa, Cape Town. This school serves a community of over 60,000 people, most of whom live in shacks. This school teaches 465 learners, and it is currently difficult for the students at Kulani Secondary to learn science. Most of the students have difficulty understanding the science concepts and their educators are looking for experiential methods to help the students grasp the theories. To help bring the students to par in their readiness and skills, the school needs an adequate science laboratory.

The SAME Foundation approached Kulani Secondary School, with the assistance of the Education Department, to meet this need. At present, we have had an entire computer center funded for the school, but we still are seeking funding for the science lab. There is such a clear need at this school for the facilities and resources to teach science.

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Isilimela Secondary School was identified as our second education projects for 2019. This secondary school is situated in the Langa Township, near Cape Town, whose population is around 60,000. This area has an unemployment rate of around 48% and their average household income of R3000.

The Isilimela Secondary School strives to rise above, but as a typical township school there are disadvantages that effect the education of their learners. Although the school wanted to offer CAT as a subject, they were not able to due to the infrastructure in the school. Without a CAT center, the students cannot properly learn the technology subject. 

Our Foundation assisted with providing a new computer center with 50 new computers for their 1,600 learners to experience CAT subjects. We handed over the new center in August 2019.


We completed our first project of 2019, at the Fisantekraal High School. After only 3 months, Fisantekraal High School was just over R1 Million. The project was partially funded by XLink Communications, who hosted a handover event for some of their company representatives, our organisation’s representatives, and the school staff and learners.

This school is situated in the small underprivileged rural settlement of around 4000 people. Fisantekraal is 10 km outside of Durbanville and has an unemployment rate of around 60%. The school provides education for around 1200 pupils.

We partnered with this school to provide a resource centre for both students and teachers. Rural living limits their access to these resources, and this project will make a big difference to the learning environment at the school. Both teachers and students now have access to new computers for research, e-learning, completing assignments, and lesson planning.


We improved Manyano High School, situated in Khayelitsha. This predominantly Xhosa community of around 2.4 million has an unemployment rate of around 73% of which, approximately 70% of them live in shacks.

Although they are challenged with many difficulties, Manyano High has managed to deliver quality education and produce excellent results as is evident in the 2016 grade 12 NCS results where a 90.3% pass rate was obtained. In order for the school to sustain and improve both quality and quantity, the school has to intensify the usage of available technological resources.

The SAME Foundation completed renovated and fully equipped 2 science laboratories, 3 math classrooms, a computer center, renovated bathrooms, and upgraded security at the school. We celebrated the completion of this project, along with our other 2018 projects, with a grand opening with the Deputy Minister of Education for South Africa, many donors, and school staff. 

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The SAME Foundation identified Woodlands High School, situated in Mitchells Plain, as the recipient of a new fully equipped Science Lab. Mitchells Plain is believed to be South Africa’s 3rd largest township with a population of over 300 000 people. Woodlands High School has been serving this community for the past 38 years and draws its students from the surrounding areas of Heinz Park, Browns Farm, Klipfontein Mission Station and other surrounding farming areas.

Although the school is a Quintile 5 and the school and charges a small fee, it services an extremely poor community with an unemployment rate of around 40% , and over 70% of the learners come from single parent households. Woodlands High had to remove Physical Science from their curriculum in 2010 as they never had the proper infrastructure or resources to adequately deliver the subject to learners. This is becoming a common problem in our country.

To combat this problem, the Foundation equipped Woodlands High School with a renovated and transformed Physical Science laboratory in 2018. 


The SAME Foundation helped to improve ID Mkezi Business, Commerce and Management School situated in Gugulethu, which is a predominantly Xhosa speaking community consisting of around 100 000 people. The community has an unemployment rate of around 40% of which approximately 50% of them live in shacks. This school strives to offer quality teaching and learning to the high school learner population – previously standing at 1245 pupils. Although they are challenged with many difficulties, ID Mkezi High School has managed to deliver quality education and produce excellent results as is evident in the 2016 grade 12 NCS results where a 85% pass rate was obtained, which was an increase of 23% from the previous year.

The SAME Foundation completed a science and maths laboratory, computer centre, and higher security system upgrades by 2018 for this school.


The SAME Foundation, with input, identified Zimasa Community School in Langa, as the recipient of a new fully equipped General Science Lab. The school services an area with a population of over 53 000 people. Zimasa Community School is a Quintile 3 school which is a no fee school and has a feeding scheme which provides pupils with 2 meals per day. The school services an extremely poor community with an unemployment rate of over 70%. Although they are challenged with many difficulties, Zimasa Community School is committed to providing quality education to the pupils. In order for the school to improve both quality and quantity, the school has to intensify the usage of available technological resources.

The Foundation supplied a new state-of-the-art fully equipped Physical Science lab with all the chemicals, resources, and safety equipment needed.


Manzomthombo Secondary School is situated in Mfuleni, which falls part of the Khayelitsha Sub-District. The Mfuleni is a predominantly Xhosa speaking community of which about 40% are unemployed. Manzomthombo is a typical township school – born out of a previously disadvantaged community, poor infrastructure setup (RDP structure), poorly trained educators and learners from a society riddled with social ills. Against all odds, Manzomthombo Senior Secondary School rises above all in striving for quality and excellence, as stated in its motto. This is evident from the continued excellent academic performance across all grades.

The SAME Foundation were able to open the SAME Foundation Science Centre, consisting of four science laboratories, five classrooms, a library, a computer centre, and ablution blocks. Included in this school project was bathroom renovations, security systems, classrooms with Smartboard technology, and repairs and painting.

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The Brooklyn Chest Hospital is the only facility that treats XDR TB patients in the Western Cape. It is a 349 bed hospital and consists of 56 paediatric beds which are usually filled to capacity. Over 60% of these patients are HIV positive. Children treated at Brooklyn Chest Hospital can stay there from 6 months to 3 years and are not able to attend normal school.

In 2011, the SAME Foundation proudly opened the new hospital school which educates approximately 30-40 pupils on any given day. 

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