SAME Foundation


Our first project of KwaZulu-Natal, the SAME Foundation worked in collaboration with BT on a project at a rural school situated in Umbumbulu, KwaZulu-Natal. This school is an incredible example of a place where poverty and disadvantaged circumstances do not determine their future. Through their passionate and hard work, this school is defined by its staff and learners. Sibusisiwe has been recognized on various occasions for their acheivements, with being known as a “7 day school” and produces students who regularly finish with multiple distinctions.

BT selected this school to be a recipient of a new computer center as their old laboratory could not accommodate all of the learners or give them the opportunity to use their own computer during class and examinations. While this school runs at a serious over-capacity, Sibusisiwe also did not have internet connection for their old computers. The new computer center was built to seat 80 learners at a time, has new interactive equipment, and has internet connection. Now the students will be able to do research and work using the internet on a regular basis.

Our Foundation hopes to continue our partnership with Sibusisiwe Comp Tech High School, and report on its even greater achievements after this project.