CORONAVIRUS Urgent Appeal                                                                                  

We are urgently assisting the Health Department with lifesaving medical equipment to reduce the impending impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Across the world appropriate beds and medical equipment have been in dire shortage and South Africa is no different. The outbreak will get much worse in the coming weeks and, to the detriment of millions of South Africans, our already overburdened healthcare system will not be able to cope. We are working with hospitals around the country that need emergency assistance with equipping their isolation wards and treatment wards for COVID-19.

The most important pieces of equipment that will save lives are beds, ventilators and monitors.

We are urgently appealing to you to assist with any funds possible to equip our doctors and nurses on the frontline with the resources they need to fight this pandemic.

 Status Update:

We have already delivered medical equipment and PPE to the value of R10 million which includes, 75 new hospital beds, 12 ICU Monitors, 2 Paediatric Monitors, 10 Diagnostic units, as well as the accompanying drip stands, lockers, and medicine and emergency trolleys since launching the campaign on 18 March. The first hospitals to receive our urgent intervention focusing on life-saving medical equipment are Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital and Tembisa Hospital in Gauteng and Tygerberg Hospital and Khayelitsha Hospital in the Western Cape. Both Provinces have been hardest hit by the outbreak. We have also donated 100 beds and mattresses to Discoverers CHC which is being used as a Quarantine facility. Support to other hospitals in problematic provinces will follow.

The time to act is now. By working together, we can assist in the treatment of thousands of patients. The virus is affecting us all, so please assist us with our containment and treatments measures.

Urgent Needs List:

120 Beds – emergency electronic R35 000.00 R4 200 000.00
90 Ventilators R355 000.00 R31 950 000.00
45 Emergency Trolley R23 500.00 R1 057 500.00
60 Oxygen Hi-Flo Units R79 000.00 R4 740 000.00
206 PVC Isolation Curtains R1 450.00 R298 700.00
2 Blood Gas Analyzer R267 000.00 R534 000.00
30 Portable Suction Unit R6 500.00 R195 000.00
90 Patient Monitors (wall mounted) R106 000.00 R9 540 000.00
90 Vital Signs Monitors R25 000.00 R2 250 000.00
  *cost all-inclusive incl. delivery and setup    
    TOTAL R54 765 200.00


Thanks to the wonderful support received, we have donated lifesaving medical equipment and PEE to Healthcare facilities around the country to help in the fight against COVID-19. With your help we can continue this fantastic work as seen below. Please go to our donations page to see how you can get involved.