The SAME Foundation Legacy

Equal healthcare and education for all South Africans

Our sole aim is to improve healthcare and education in poverty-stricken communities through high-impact, focused projects. Without intervention by YOU and the SAME Foundation, these communities won’t be able to receive the healthcare and education that they deserve. Together we can make a real, sustainable difference!


Our Footprint:

  • HIV and TB Infrastructure
  • Primary Healthcare and Clinics
  • Regional, Provincial and Tertiary Hospitals
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools

Our Scope:

Being professional and versatile means that we have a wide scope of abilities to develop communities through health and education:
  • Civil works at health and education facilities
  • Complete renovations and re-design of health and education facilities
  • Learner programmes with a strong focus on maths and science
  • Supply of vital medical equipment to health facilities
  • Training of doctors and nurses on new medical equipment technology